People ask me all the time, “Lockpicking? Why would I ever need to learn to pick locks.”

A fine question in and of itself, but I find it similar to asking why anyone would learn self-defense, wilderness survival, or how to paint. Lockpicking is a skill that has vast and numerous benefits to your mental, physical, psychological, and situational well-being. Sure, there are the obvious: being able to get into your front door when you’re locked out, helping friends when they’ve locked themselves out, and, of course, showing off being able to bypass “that one lock” that’s been locked onto that chainlink fence as long as anyone can remember as a party trick to impress all the party goers and maybe, hopefully, win the heart of that evasive friend you’ve had your eyes on all night.

But there is a world that we haven’t even touched yet. Having the tools in your pocket, with the knowledge in your mind, to bypass nearly any lock you encounter at will changes the world around you. Wall turn to doors. A narrow alley changes from a dead end to a secret entrance to a catacomb of escapes routes. Obstacles melt before you, both physical and metaphorical. And the act of pushing through the difficulties in accomplishing the mental and physical gymnastics that can be exploring a foreign cylinder only to find it has more intricacies than its outer appearance would suggest leads you to, not only be mindful of, but fully embody the lesson that a book should not be judged by its cover, in any context.

To see the world through the eyes of someone skilled with a pick set is a truly unique and unmatched experience. Here at, we will teach you the skills. But a painter needs paint, and brushes for that matter. Don’t worry, we’ve also got your back. We only offer picks and tools that are field and practice-tested by trained professionals and beginners alike. And for a journey into the art that is lockpicking, we wholeheartedly recommend our 16 Piece Laminated Ripple Handle Lock Pick Set as a pick set for a beginner who has never held a tension wrench (or know’s that you need one! We’re looking at you Hollywood) or the seasoned pro.

Let’s journey together down the rabbit hole that is Lockpicking. We will hold your hand when you’re stuck, let you loose on the ropes course when you need it, and lead you into the field when you’re ready! We’re glad you’re here with us at

-Nick Fedoroff
Professional Magician